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Fair Revenue Share

Our partners' efforts are equally valuable to us; we offer fair revenue share.

Greater Publishing Chance

Every game can be an asset; we don't 'kill' games based on impossible test goals.

In-house Player Acquisition

We leverage our own in-house UA capacity leading to increased chances of positive ROI.

No Games on Shelf

We can test your existing or old IPs and see if they are salvageable within our own ecosystem.

Data Transparency

We share data with our partners where the data is. Nothing hidden behind an added interface.

Creative Freedom

We don’t dictate certain mechanics to any team. Our PM's guide, they don't impose.

Latest Releases

Survivor Idle Run

Survive the zombie apocalypse and become the ultimate hero in Survivor Idle Run!

Chess Wars 2

The new & improved version of our original game Chess Wars. New levels, improved graphics & lots of new enemies to defeat.

Chess Wars

Ready for a new challenge with Chess Wars, one of the most popular puzzle board games! Can you be Chess Wars master?

School Director

Build your own school and make your students do whatever you want!

Zen Tile World

Zen Tile World is match-3 tile matching game that offers a zen experience with a challenge.

Super Farmer

Harvest your crops and move on to the next map! But don't forget to upgrade your combine to become even more efficient!

Pixel Keeper

You will complete the picture by painting pixels with your vehicle. You have to play the levels, each of which is full of surprises

Makeup Colors

Mix the colors and get the color that customer wants! Do the makeup!

Color Wall 3D

Bring your creative side to life with this delightful puzzle game! Be enchanted by hours of fun and challenge.

Day N Night

When the sun goes down, zombies appear! Collect resources and craft your weapons to survive the night!

Human Claw Machine

This is some kind of a special claw machine. Those don't look like plush toys.

Pocket Brawl Master

Enjoy the most satisfying parking lot brawl fighting game. Choose from plenty of different characters and enjoy fighting!

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